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How effective are protests?

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It seems like protests have worked in some cases, but they've had to be gigantic movements like in the civil rights era, or the ending of apartheid in SA, or indeed the islamic revolution in Iran. But often, you go to Quds day marches and nothing has changed for so long, the anti-war movement in this country is pretty dead tbh, there was a no war against Syria protest in the city I live, but barely 10 people showed up to the protest and of course, it hasn't really affected the government's actions, they've gone ahead with what they feel suited them best. How effective are protests you think? Do you think there are better ways of standing against something you think is wrong. It is a good way to spread awareness, as sometimes you do see media outlets that cover them, which can then reach many people. I often share information on social media, I sometimes post things on here when I think something important is up. What would you say the best ways of actively engaging are? It's not true to say movements are not helpful at all, but according to many people, they say protests and dissent only work when people feel like their lives are affected enough to go out and revolt, but that would take a major event like a financial collapse, or a complete economic meltdown. What do people think? 

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There are multiple ways of creating change, at least in this nation-state. Protests can be very effective ,but so can lawsuits, engaging legislators, MONEY,  etc. ...usually people use all of them at once. Both legislators and ( interestingly ) according to a friend of mine who is a judge, the judiciary can be sensitive to protests. The justices are supposed to interpret the law ,but if they are considered in interpreting it in a certain way, seeing the mood of the people is a factor even if not the main one. 

My own experience with physical protests...win some, lose some. But the ones we won might not have been  won if we weren't out there.

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