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Mansur Bakhtiari

Islam without the conquests

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This is from the website of Ayatollah Jamil Hamud al-Amili


سؤال: ما هو رأي الأئمة الطاهرين عليهم السلام بالفتوحات الإسلامية في عهود خلفاء الجور؟

Question: What is the opinion of the Pure Imams (as), on the Islamic Futuhat (conquests) under the oppressive caliphs?



بسمه تعالى

In the name of the Exalted

إن التشدق بالفتوحات الإسلامية ليس إلاّ مظهراً من مظاهر العصبيّة التي نبذها الإسلام تحت قدميه، هذه الفتوحات التي جعلوها مفخرة عظمى لمن يسمَّى بالخلفاء الراشدين قد صبت علينا الويلات، حتى نعت الغربيون الإسلام بأنه دين قسوة يعتمد على السيف أكثر من اعتماده على منطق العقل والعلم والدراية!!..

Veneration of the Islamic conquests is nothing but a manifestation of nerve (or edginess) that Islam has discarded under its feet. These conquests were great pride to the so-called Rashidun caliphs, while it only brought to us scourge. And even westerners attribute Islam to be a religion of cruelty by the sword, more than it's importance of thought, wisdom, science and reason!!...



The article continues on, but I want to know fellow shiachatter's opinions on the Islamic conquests.

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These conquests were thought of as real essence of Islam by historians and helped anti-muslims to form a negative image due to these wrong acts.  However, that was wrong and real message of Islam was in the conduct of prophet pbuhhp who liberated women, slaves and the poor from the oppressions of oppressive society.

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