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Campaigning for a progressive politician

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Is it ok to work on a political campaign for a politician whose views you mostly agree with, except of course the LGBT factor and of course abortion? Engaging politically is one of the best ways to make an impact, the problem is the people us muslims identify with more in the West tend to be on the left-side of the spectrum, and there have been movements to reform the democratic party so that you can weed out the corporatist stooges and the people that bow to special interests and get people who represent the people more. These tend to be mostly progressives, a lot of whom are atheists but believe in humanistic principles. Would it be ok to campaign for them in some way or another even if there are issues you don't necessarily agree with them on for religious reasons? 

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35 minutes ago, LeftCoastMom said:

We have a shameless Sandersnista here,for what it's worth. To misquote " Animal Farm".... No candidate is perfect, but some are more perfect than others.

Given America's flawed political system, where money and special interests have too much influence, I think the best option we have is Sanders, and maybe Rand Paul on the right, even though I prefer his dad, but that's pretty much it. I can't think of anyone else, there are loads of pseudo-progressives, like Warren. I don't agree with Sanders on certain foreign policy issues, think he is too soft on Israel, he doesn't have a sound policy on Saudi Arabia, I think he recently made a good statement but a year ago he said they should be getting their hands dirty fighting ISIS, only recently has he talked about wahhabism and the link to ISIS/Saudi. I suppose perhaps he needs better advisors, many politicians in congress are not well versed on foreign policy issues at all, so maybe that could be it. I think he could be a pathway to something bigger, give more hope for even more progressive candidates to run. I really liked Jeremy Corbyn in the UK on pretty much all issues, his policies resonated well with my own views, I hope we get someone like him some day.

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