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An urgent dua please

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سبحان الله

Oh Sidnaq,

By the Mercy and Forgiveness of thy Lord,

The Most Merciful,

The Clear,

He has sent angels to you,

Closer then your jugular vein,

With you until you shall taste death,

Oh Sidnaq,

By the Severe and Glorious Allah,

The Benevolent,

This life is but a test,

The noble people are those who prepare,

For a Day that shall surely come,


By your life oh Sidnaq,

I am a follower of the clear warner,

Who is the last of the Messengers,

By thy Lord,

I am with you,

By the clouds that take me,

By the winds that move me,


You are among the believers,

May thy question is answered,

For the sake of thy knowledge:


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Feel kindness toward your neighbors and friends, and make dua for them. When you see them, smile and be friendly. InShaAllah they will change their attitude toward you.

4th Imam AS - Supplication for his Neighbours and Friends (Supplication - 26)


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