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Name a New Political Party

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Watching news about the upcoming election in Japan, one slate of candidates are from the Happiness Restoration Party.

:party:  "Vote for Me and join the Fun"

Looking up some names for "oddly named political parties" l found a few others.

US             Surprise Party -founded by Gracie Allen

UK             Raving Looney Green Giant Party

Sweden     Donald Duck Party

Several      Beer Parties in several countries

lran            Party of Donkeys

Canada     Rhinoceros Party

Australia    Deadly Serious Party


So what name will you give to a New Political Party ?

l'II start with  Block Party     [my neighborhood had an End-of-Summer food-only party]

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14 hours ago, Hameedeh said:

Is this a joke? I don't understand what you mean by this. :confused:

Iranian Donkey party = ISIS in Fars and al Khurasan

Get it? Cuz the... yeah doesn't sound funny after reading it lol.

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