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13 hours ago, LeftCoastMom said:

Trust that fancy talky direction thing in my daughter's new car that put me in the middle of a cow pasture.

Did you ask it for the shortest route? I did that once and it first took me to a road that was closed for the winter, then to a narrow path on the edge of a cliff.


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Just now, LeftCoastMom said:

I think I have been on the same road.....

I am sure they exist wherever there are mountains. Mine was actually snow covered, with evergreen forests visible far below. 


I have so many "never again", I don't even know what to say. I hope I've mastered learning from my mistakes. 

Here's one: don't even try to cut a banana tree with a chainsaw. You think it will save time, but a banana tree is not a real tree, it's a leafy tube of wet strings. 

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