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Nasir al-Din al-Tusi & Akhlaq-i-Nasri

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Salam alaikum

Today, I came across an article that says that the scholar Al-tusi was a believer in evolution of animals to humans.


“Such humans [probably anthropoid apes] live in the Western Sudan and other distant corners of the world. They are close to animals by their habits, deeds and behaviour…the human has features that distinguish him from other creatures, but he has other features that unite him with the animal world, vegetable kingdom or even with the inanimate bodies…before [the creation of humans], all differences between organisms were of the natural origin. The next step will be associated with spiritual perfection, will, observation and knowledge…all these facts prove that the human being is placed on the middle step of the evolutionary stairway. According to his inherent nature, the human is related to the lower beings, and only with the help of his will can he reach the higher development level.”

I searched for the book Akhlaq-i-Nasri,  but I couldn't find any version online. Can anyone help ?

Thanks in advance

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12 minutes ago, Your Brother said:

I searched for the book Akhlaq-i-Nasri,  but I couldn't find any version online. Can anyone help ?

Salam. The book might not be available in English. Google these: 


أخلاق ناصري

Akhlaq-i Nasiri

Akhlaq al-Nasiri

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