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Ancient people walked differently?

How do you walk?  

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  1. 1. How do you walk?

    • Ball of foot strikes ground first
    • Heel strikes ground first
    • Entire foot strikes ground at the same time
    • Something else

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I thought this was interesting, but I'm a little skeptical. 

"before structured shoes became prevalent in the 16th century ... people walked with a different gait, pushing onto the balls of our feet instead of rocking forward on our heels."


How do you walk? 

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This solves another issue - men were giants back then! Well now we know - prada heels! cheeky

I had no idea and thanks to you I was forced to leave my comfortable chair to test it out lol... I'm 50:50, mostly on the back heel but equally reliant on landing on the front portion (i'm assuming 'ball of feet') when balancing weight/stride. Then again, wouldn't fast paced walking and running entirely bank on the front portion of the feet? Nah, aint gonna test that - burned too many calories already lifting a cup of tea 8 times.

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lnteresting and makes good sense.

How about Roman sandals?

Then there is "lndian path". We use to try to walk like that as kids. Real hard to do. lt is equivalent to walking on a concrete curb along the side of streets. Like a balance-beam for us.

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