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Nose job

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I just want to ask if it is haram to get a nosejob? I absolutly hate my nose and i have been bullied so much because of it. I really want to get a nosejob but i dont Think that it will ever happen because i am afraid that it is haram. I follow Sayed Mohammad fadlallah and i Think that according to him it is allowed. Anyways, so my question is, is it haram or not? 

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From what I can tell, most scholars, sayed Fadlallah included, allow plastic surgery as long as it doesn't entail anything haram such as a touch or look by a surgeon of the opposite sex.

However,  given how cruel people can be and the effect that it can have on a person, there is a fair chance that there isn't anything wrong with you and you have developed a complex due to being bullied. 

Of course overcoming bullying comes with its own difficulties, but you should think hard before you do anything rash.

Good luck

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