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is circumcision still necessary ?

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Male circumcision probably made sense years ago when showers were not a common thing and people would get infections in their bodies due to hygiene, but these days wouldn't it be extreme to circumcise a man’s private area for the sake of cleanliness, wouldn't daily shower keep a man’s private area infection-free for his entire life ?

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Circumcision reduces the risk STDs including HIV, and reduces the risk of urinary tract infections (which kill huge numbers every year), as well removing the risk of balanitis, phimosis and paraphimosis,   This is why the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics recommended newborn circumcision after a review of the evidence:


After a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence, the American Academy of Pediatrics found the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks

The American Academy of Pediatrics


If I wasn't Muslim I would still circumcise my children.

Edited by .InshAllah.

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Circumcision is part of Allah's covenant with us. Think about the anceint people, they didn't have modern science with them, so a circumcision was much more of a big deal. 

But even though circumcision isn't a concern nowadays we still continue it becuase we are still in Allah's covenant. Don't be like the Christians who say circumcision isn't required.

Hope this helps!

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