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REAL Help with Dream Intrepretation, what sources?

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Assalaam Alaikum, I know there have been many topics on someone having a dream and then asking for an interpretation, and please forgive me for starting a new topic like this but I really genuinely want to seek advice here. I have had numerous dreams, many of which I truly feel have a message and I sincerely want to seek guidance and clarification on them, I KNOW many people have always posted a link or have at least referred to Imam Jafar A.S's book of dreams but this book (although very interesting) is very limited in its information and does not contain answers to various other things that are seen in my dreams. I know generally people here (myself especially) may not be that well learned to give advice on dream interpretation (but please if you feel you can go ahead :) ) so I had wanted to know three things:

1) Is there any other MORE detailed and authentic book regarding dream interpretation by the Imams A.S or any other scholar?

2) Are there reputable people who are qualified to give such advice today and if so WHERE and HOW to contact them?

3) Lastly I'll post details of the latest dream itself that I had that has been puzzling me. In this dream I was in Imam Reza's A.S shrine and I saw his golden Zareeh being replaced for a new one, and that Ayatollah Khamanei was there as part of the group that was doing the replacement and then I saw myself praying a 2 rakat namaz with Ayatollah Sistani (yes that detailed, i.e 2 rakat and not 4 rakat etc). Would anyone like to have a jab at what this means? :) 


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Dream interpretation attending to islamic sources is based on the significance associated to the elements, numbers and words present in a dream or any other type of experience, image, etc.

Not sure if it is so much related to specific sources as the book of dreams. As far as I know it is a mix between knowledge and spiritual insight (similarly to other fields within that involve certain degree of "intuition"). And it involves practical training. Thus it might be better to ask an alim who has good reputation.

Nonetheless, it is not good to get obsessed over it as there is a lot of lies and innovations.

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Imam Reza's A.S shrine  = Iran

Ayatollah Khamanei  = Iran - the country pays for the upkeep of the shrine.

Ayatollah Sistani  - Iraq

You - somehwere

travelers pray 2 rakat.

In the future you may visit the shrine and you may see sistani there or another ayatullah from sistan.

Interpretation done.


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