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Declaring the Imams' sayings to be Taqiyya

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Here's a tradition: 

علل الشرائع: أبي، عن سعد، عن البرقي، عن ابن بزيع، عن ابن بشير، عن أبي حصين، عن أبي بصير، عن أحدهما عليهما السلام قال: لا تكذبوا بحديث أتاكم به مرجى ء و لا قدري و لا خارجي نسبه إلينا، فإنكم لا تدرون لعله شيء من الحق فتكذبوا الله عز و جل فوق عرشه
[3/80] Ilal al-Sharai: My father from Sa’d from al-Barqi from Ibn Bazi from Ibn Bashir from Abi Husayn from Abi Basir from one of them عليهما السلام who said: do not reject a narration which is brought to you by a Murji or a Qadari or a Khariji which he attributes to us, for you do not know - perhaps it is something of the truth and you will be rejecting Allah Mighty and Majestic above his throne.



Knowing this, why and how do some people choose to declare some sayings to be taqiyya? How would they know? Maybe it is something of the truth but we just don't know or are not willing to accept?

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Wa alaykum as-salaam. You'll find taqiyya used a lot in Hurr al-`Amuli's Wasa'il ash-Shi`a, and this may be because he used it as a hermeneutical tool to sift out narrations that contradicted the general Shii consensus (shadh ahadith). He mostly didn't use a rijal approach to tackle shadh traditions. Though even those who use rijal will say that they do not outright deny narrations, but that they weaken them and put them aside, and leave them to Allah.

Anyway, in my experience, many narrations that are declared taqiyya can be reconciled in some way with the consensus. Sometimes, it can be called tawriya rather than taqiyya, which are double entendres - the Imams crafted their words carefully. There are many narrations where the Imams essentially admit to doing taqiyya, and there are cases were taqiyya/tawriyya are quite clear (for example, narrations that praise the first two).

The narration in the original post is really emphasizing that we should not flat out deny a narration, reject it, make fun of it, etc. but that we should have some precaution when approaching the tradition.

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2 hours ago, Qa'im said:

Anyway, in my experience, many narrations that are declared taqiyya can be reconciled in some way with the consensus.

Thank you!

This has been my experience, too. Some authors/scholars seem to be either intellectual lazy or too entrenched within a specific position to be able to look for reconciliation. 

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