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Haji 2003

Grade Four (Russian) maths resource

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I'd been looking around the net for Russian maths resources, even perhaps summer schools in Russia, and found this as a result. 

It's hosted on the University of Stanford website, so pretty kosher halal. I have a nine-year-old son who's facing the same school entry exams aged 10 next year as Maryam did 4 years ago. I've been through tons of resources and this one is excellent.

The thing is that entry into the better schools is very competitive, but the entrance exam is restricted by the syllabus in terms of what can be examined. So they tend to resort to tricky problems, like this one:

It took a power shovel 4 hours of work time to excavate 555m3 of earth. How many cubic meters of earth will a second power shovel excavate in 4 hours if it removes 15m3 less earth per hour than the first.



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Just now, Fakeha said:

Do you want the solution of those problems???

I just posted the resource in case anyone else found it useful. I wasn't looking for the solutions. But I might come back to this thread in case I get stuck...

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