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Shia blood donation for Las Vegas masscare

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Our friends موضوع Special Support for Las Vegas HEALS - Give Blood
ازEditor, U.S. Domestic Medical Travel [EDIT]

colleagues in Las Vegas need blood and we are calling on our readers to help.

Las Vegas HEALS, the organization representing healthcare providers throughout southern Nevada, has sent out the following message -- and we are extending the message:

The healthcare community and first responders have pulled together in our greatest time of need to serve those injured. We appreciated the continued commitment they have made to their profession and the heroic efforts they are making for our community.

We encourage those that are able to donate blood to please make an appointment with United Blood Services. If Las Vegas HEALS can do anything to assist members and those in need, please reach out to our office [EDIT]

Our thoughts and prayers are with all families touched by s recent tragedy.

Edited by Hameedeh
EDIT. No emails or phone numbers allowed.

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Hi with pray for Las Vegas victims I recommand you contact with  
true Islam rejects ISIS(isil)
http://en.abna24.com/service/america/archive/2015/10/11/714609/story.html Blood Donors
Shia Blood Donors
Today the world of Blasphemy and Evil has presented a dark, violent and blood shedding image of Islam to the world by manipulating the ignorant and deviant Muslims. True Muslims have the duty of isolating these so-called “Muslims” and to present the true image of Islam. Voluntary blood donation on the day of Ashura provides us with a good opportunity to show a glimpse of the truth of real Islam and true Muslims to the world. So by following the path of the Greatest Martyr (Imam Hussein [PBUH]) we present the glory of Islam to the world by donating our blood.
We intend to start a campaign of “Donating blood on the day of #Ashura And #Arbaeen” (to be practiced every year), with the aim of setting this action as an annual and global practice as well as a common ground for all Muslims on an international level and we seek the cooperation of you- the dear Helpers of Mahdi (AJ) in this path.
EMAIL : Info@scientific-facts.com

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