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Gun control and Switzerland

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Al-Salamu Alaykum.

I use to be a believer that banning guns is the correct position unless you were a crazy lunatic. However, I stumbled upon this article weeks/months ago, regarding Switzerland, and how Switzerland is a country with many armed civilians yet considerably has a low crime/gun violence rate.


My position now is that the US system should have more regulations, but banning guns outright would be incorrect.

What do you brothers & sisters say? 

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^^^Bro, for a change in background TV 'noise', l had the 700 Club with Pat Robertson on Wednesday the 4th.

[Yeah l know "the Horror  ...  the Horror" ]

Murderer Paddock's prescription for diaz...whatever had made the news wires that morning. Also known a Valium, it is an anti-depressant which is known to trigger aggressive behavior in some people.

Robertson's comment was these drugs were present in other mass shootings and as such. Then he commented was this is another aspect of "the drug problem".

For the first time, l agreed with this guy. lf true, then the CDC, AMA, and whatever psych association there is needs to get to work.

Maybe a drug reaction test can be developed.

l know since, they police are saying this shooting was pre-planned over a long period of time.

So, we'II see.

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