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Naqi Rizvi

Attending Birthdays

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Do what your conscience is telling you.  Two simple ways to reach a decision (over anything)if you are in a fix 

1.Sacrifice what's lesser in status for the sake of superior. Friend vs Ahlulbayt.

2. Choose what would matter in the long term. E.g Few minutes of pleasure Vs weeks/years of guilt. Perishable dunya vs everlasting akhira.

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12 hours ago, Naqi Rizvi said:

Guys, i live in sunni populated area and one of my good friend has his birthday in Muharram and wants me to come. I am Syed and my conscience is not allowing me what should i do?

Tell him you can't come because of Muharram and tell him tat prophets family is more important to me than any other relation. This acting might light a spark in him and he starts learning about Karbala and Imam hussain (a.s)

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Religion over dunya. Tell him you can't attend his birthday because the Holy prophet's (sawws) grandson, Imam Hussain (a.s) was murdered along with his family and companions against an oppressive army that outnumbered them by thousands or hundreds of thousands. The general rule is farah (happiness) is very discouraged in muharram. Don't take it as a rule, take it as a lifestyle. Imam Hussain (a.s) sacrificed himself and his companions for us, we shouldn't be celebrating in birthdays!

May Allah guide you all to the straight path.

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