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Is my salah valid?

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I was able to find this on the website of Ayatollah Khamenei:

Q 136: A person does not know that his wuḍū’ is invalid, and comes to know about it only after completing the wuḍū’. What is the rule?
A: It is obligatory for him to repeat the wuḍū’ for the acts that require wuḍū’, such as prayers. If he has offered prayer with this void wuḍū’, he should repeat this prayer as well.

Even though the wording is a bit different, I think this comes close to your case. On top of that, it seems (if you read a lot of these Q&As) that once you realize a prayer is invalid, you should redo it. 

It is best to contact the marja' you follow to see their rulings.


Edit: after re-reading your situation and that of this fatwa, this might not be the fatwa you were searching for. I'll just leave it here for those who might find it useful.

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40 minutes ago, ali_fatheroforphans said:


What if I read salah thinking I had done wudhu, but after a few hours I realized that I never did wudhu.

Do I have to redo my prayer?

The topic is quite debatetable but you should repeat your Namaz.

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If you realized it before the prayer time expired, you must repeat the prayer. If you realized after the prayer time expired, this actually depends on what marja' you follow. Imam Khamenei says you must repeat the prayer as qada. For Sayed Sistani, I believe the prayer is valid but I'm not 100% sure, better to send a question and ask him.

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