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What is saf matam?

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1 hour ago, KumailH said:

I've heard people talking about saf matam, what is it, and in detail how do you do it? Do you just go around in a circle or are there special foot placements or patterns?

Sorry, I never heard this term 'saf matam' but it's a style of mourning for Imam Hussein AS. It's different according to what community you live in, but it has a common procedure, basically it is take one step to the right then bring the left foot over and a little behind the right foot, while traversing in a circle toward the right. Some communities bend their head down as if in a ruku position. Some hold onto the back of the shirt of the man on their left or hold their shoulder so that the circle is united and unbroken. In some communities the men beat their chest with one hand and hold onto the man on their left. Some beat their chest with two hands while moving toward the right, so they can't hold onto anyone else. If you have the opportunity to join in this mourning ceremony, may Allah accept your amal.

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