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?!? Ashura

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On 10/1/2017 at 10:44 PM, Hameedeh said:

[MOD NOTE: WARNING: The link has disturbing information about Yazid's crimes.]

This is a compilation of what Ahlul Sunnah historians wrote about Yazid LA.


FYI: The imamreza.net English site is down now, so that link does not work. I pray that they are only temporarily down for maintenance and will come back soon. Here is their old site that is still available: 


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On 9/30/2017 at 1:38 PM, AfricanShia said:

We must realize that the magnitude of the sacrifice that Husayn (as) and his followers made is much greater than to celebrate. Men, children and women had no water for 2 days. The men and children were slaughtered and the woman were taken as slaves.

Why do we don't forget the past. in today's world there is too much going on in the name of religion which make me sometimes shameful to say I follow Islam. there is lot of sacrifice parents are giving for their children to feed them an honest daily bread. This is real struggle as know as Jihad. which is misinterpreted by many. Please try to solve today's problem in this world' poverty.

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