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Salaam Alaykum

Tomorrow is Ashoura. Let's be ready for that, not just by words by cleaning our HEARTS. Is there anyone who hurt you in the past? Do you have any hatred towards someone? Call him/her today and ask for his/her forgiveness. You have only 24 hours to clear your heart before Shahadat of Imam Hussain. Let's do it. Do you have any problem with your mother? Go and kiss her forehead. How about your dad? Go and kiss his hands. Let's clear ourselves. Let's clear our heart from all gaze and revenge. Have you ever asked your mother if she likes you? How about your dad?

I have a guy in my life that used to torture me emotionally for 23 years, but I forgave him. There was another guy who disrespected me, but I blessed him for his son birth.

Let's forgive others to be Hussaini

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