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Do other faiths have an Imam Hussein equivalent?

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Do other faiths, notably the abrahamic ones have martyrs in the same way Shia Islam does? To me this is something that distinguishes Shia Islam from any other faith, the pinnacle of sacrifice, giving up your life for the truth, I suppose to christians their view of jesus and that he was crucified would make him a martyr in their eyes but he doesn't seem as revered to me. What about jews? 

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Jews have never sought out martyrdom—it was always martyrdom that caught up to the Jews. Ever since Abraham was thrown in a fiery furnace by Nimrod, literally millions of Jews in every era of history have given up their lives rather than their faith at the hand of the Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Muslim conquerors, the Almohadin, the Crusaders, the Inquisition, the Bolsheviks, the Nazis and many more.

In Judaism, martyrdom is called Kiddush Hashem—"the sanctification of G‑d's name," and a martyr is called kadosh—"holy." And yet, a Jew is not permitted to seek martyrdom, but rather to seek life and sustain life. True, the Talmud says of those who died al Kiddush Hashem that their place in the world to come is beyond the reach of any created being.1But then, the same Talmud also teaches that, "One hour of return and good deeds in this world is more beautiful than all the life of the world to come."


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