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Murmura ibn Kurkura ibn Jumjuma

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8 minutes ago, Salsabeel said:

Does anyone have any idea of this name? It is said to be the name of a lobster and its story is linked to Imam Ali (a.s) & Nusayr.

Nusayr is the person who give birth to Nusayri's.

Yes, I know this story, it is linked to a Nusayri, the founder of Nusayri sect. 

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2 hours ago, Salsabeel said:

Can you refer me the name of that book & name of its writer?

bro, at this moment, I do not have reference, I thought that it might be in "Hazrat Ali k faislay" but I will have to read it whole book to find this event. I cannot assure you of it's reference but if you want to know this event, I could tell you. 

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