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A worry that has been eating me since I am awake

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45 minutes ago, islam25 said:

Mr. What ever be reason. If we muslims can't follow Quranic law and not try to do it for one or other reason. Who will do. That is why all sort corruption and injustices is prevalent in Islamic society. It is easy to claim we are best and we are real muslim. .That too only too impress others or satisfy ego. But reality quiete dismal .

Bro, let us first apply Islam on our bodies like Ayotullah Khomeini once said.

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20 hours ago, AfricanShia said:

We realize who were the bad and good. We realize the truth from the false. Most importantly we value the sacrifice of Husayn (as). 

That is good but we should also work for establishing such a society that if another Hussain rise in this place, he should face such time again. 

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