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Is America turning into a police state?

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http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/352421-dhs-planning-to-collect-social-media-info-on-all-immigrants. They've been doing this forever according to the valuable information Snowden managed to leak, but now it is out in the open, and I don't know if previously they targeted naturalised citizens. Beyond targeting social media, it also plans to look at search history and search results of the people being watched. None of this is really that surprising, when a government can launch foreign wars of aggression for selfish interests of a few rich people, there's nothing that will stop them from abusing their power at home too. With these legislations if they find something suspicious, what do they do? Do they just have the authority to arrest or deport you without any incriminating evidence directly linking you to crimes? If so, how is this different from a police state? 

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This new rule in the Federal Register is for reasons similar to the 19Aug14 post l made (q.v. "The Snowden Revelations", p.1): this is for "budget padding" purposes. DHS wants more money for prestige and party purposes. And Trump will probably sign-off on this budget bloating because he doesn't know any better. (Which is different than the pinko-progressives and the Bushie types that believe in the divinity of Big Mother gov't.)

"Predictive Analytics" (Snowden Revelations ll; p.5 05Aug) has essentially no value.

So the DHS wants to start a program for having-something-to-do purposes.

And if NSA cannot decipher food codes, how will DHS ?  :D

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