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Soul of Hussayn (a)!

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The poet says:

Allah asks the Angel of Death
Go take Hussayn's soul

When the Angel of Death reached Imam's body
He wondered where shall I take the soul from

If I take it from the chest
I have seen horses trample on the chest

And I want to take it from the neck
But there is no neck there anymore

And if I want to take it from the waist
I see arrows all around the waist

So the Angel of Death turns to Allah and he says:
Ya Allah! I can't take the soul of Hussayn.

To which Allah replies to the angel of death:
Only I can take the soul of Aba Abdillah.



May Allah reward you for your tears in this sacred month of Muharram. :cry: 

Verses taken from a lecture of Ammar Nakshawani:


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