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Syed Hussain

Talking to Imam Mehdi AS

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Salam, I used to talk to Imam Mehdi AS a lot before. (Talking meaning, I talk in my room and believe he can hear me, even tho I can neither see him or neither hear a response from my Imam) 


I have recently decided to do the practice again, talking about how my day, my shortcoming etc, sometimes even how my day went in general. However I keep thinking I can not talk to the imam for an extended period of time as I feel like I am wasting his time, or maybe he does not care in context to, why are you telling me your finding your degree hard ? ( religious matters I feel comftable talking about, but not for too long as I feel like I'm wasting my Imams time with my conversation) 

What I'm trying to say is, is this way of thinking Correct? If not how do I change it ? Anything that can help me understand this situation I'm feeling with Islamic Hadith ? Etc 


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