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A Few Muharram Reminders

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It's that time of the year again, where we get a chance to rejuvenate our hearts with the remembrance of our dear Prophet S and his holy Ahlulbayt AS.

Here are a couple of things that you could do to magnify the holiness of the months of Muharram and Safar on you.

1. Do wudhu before attending the majlis (gathering) of Imam Hussain AS. If you truly believe that one of the people's of the cloak (ashab -e- Kisa) attend, then you really ought to be in the state of highest purity

2. Make a point to attend at least one such gathering everyday, Youtube is not the substitute of the social aspect of such gatherings

3. From the 1st to the 9th of Muharram, fast and give it as a gift to Imam Hussain AS. Do not fast on the 10th day of Muharram, instead try not to eat anything from Fajr till Asr time in solidarity of the children of Imam Hussain AS who were murdered empty stomach without water for past three days

4. Every day of the month of Muharram, particularly the first 10 days, read 100x Sura Ahad throughout the day and give as a gift to Imam Hussain AS

5. Recite ziarat -e- Ashura each day till the day of Ashura

6. This is a great time to connect with your Imam of Time ATFS. Ever heard the grief is a bigger bond among humans than the good times. He AS is grieving right now more than anybody else. See if you could recite Dua-e-Ahad every day till the day of Arba'een.

7. Put off shopping, birthday parties, lavish dinners, TV, other entertainment, wearing bright clothes, jewellery at least during the months of Muharram and Safar. Imagine your state of mind had God forbid your father, mother, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters gone through this ordeal in Karbala. Your actions would follow inshaAllah

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7 hours ago, Irfani313 said:

See if you could recite Dua-e-Ahad every day till the day of Arba'een.

Salam. Thank you for the reminders about the sanctities of the Holy Month of Muharram. For those who need the Dua Al Ahad, here is a youtube link:


Dua Al Ahad - Aba Thar Al-Halwaji - ابا ذر الحلواجي - دعای عهد

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Hope you are having this Muharram's days and night filled with the remembrance of our Aimah AS, inshAllah washing away all the rust that we built over our hearts over the rest of the previous year.

Remembrance in Muharram is as much internal as it is external. Another small thing that I forgot to mention that we've been doing for few years with great results is, on the first night of Muharram till the following 10 weeks, we hang Muharram related banners in a couple of prominent places in our home, this helps keep a constant reminder and keeps kids from asking certain things that they would ask in other days. If you don't have religious banners etc., you could just fold a black sheet and hang it on the walls etc.

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Similar to that, Irfani313, is an old Catholic custom of covering art works or decorations in a house with purple or black cloths, during the final week of Lent. This is one of the many traditions abandoned now, since the reforms of Vatican 2. But people like me are old enough to remember it. Like the banners which you mention, it conveyed an atmosphere of solemn dignity, penance and mourning.

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