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Buying Fridge in Muharam.

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5 hours ago, Naqvione10 said:

Can I purchase fridge in Muharamm?.

Salam. You asked a good question and I admire your sensitivity to the Holy Month of Muharram. A refrigerator is a necessity especially for someone who needs to store a medication cooler than room temperature. There is no problem with buying something you need in Muharram, just try to do your shopping before or after the 9th (Tasua) and the 10th (Ashura). Those two days are when Imam Hussein AS and his companions in Karbala lost their lives and we should honor them by mourning. 

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Waly Kum Asalam, Thanks Hameedeh, Actually, my (Late) mother was too much caring about the Holy Month of Muharam, and she also made us learn these things, just because of this I was not feeling good to buy. In a likelihood, I will buy after 10th or before.

Thanks for your precious advise Hameedeh...   

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