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Tattoos? eeww

Tattoos look ugly, they destroy the body, they are a form of self-abuse.

How could any self-respecting person have tattoos on their body, especially publicly visible ones?

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7 minutes ago, Ron_Burgundy said:

That buying a make up would be a selfishness? 

Anything that self want to himself and the intention is for self admiration or any pride or showing off is selfishness. I'm not trying to say they are haram. But I really don't understand tattoo benefit.

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I like the idea of body art, and I'm impressed by the artistry of some tattoos, but I'd much prefer something that can be removed without surgery.  Those temporary tattoos that are handed out to children at events and festivals should be made for grown-ups.  

My daughter and I both had this one for a few days after Earth Day last year:


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1 hour ago, alHussein said:

I want a tattoo but It really hurts to get one. Wolf tattoos seems awesome but Idk the rulings about getting tattoos of animals.

I have previously asked the question and have received this reply

In the Name of God, the Most High


There is no problem in having tattoos per se. They do not affect ghusl, wudhu or salat. However, you should not tattoo an animal and human image on your body as it is not befitting for a Muslim to do so.


May Allah grant you success.


Istifta Section - Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani


Also from the Imam Ali Foundation

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

It is permissible to have a tattoo if:
a. The tattoo allows the water of wudhu and ghusl to reach the skin while
performing wudhu or ghusl.
b. Having a tattoo does not involve forbidden touch or look.
c. The tattoo does not encourage corruption or corrupted ideas or beliefs.
d. The tattoo does not have the names of Allah his almighty or Quran script.
e. for woman, if that is considered as a beauty item then it must be
concealed from non-mehram man

Wassalamu Alaykum

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