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Jinn... Sighting... Also in Dream...

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Okay, so for a long time I have been wondering if I should share this or not... But finally I decided to do.

It's started with my mom telling me how I grind my teeth in my sleep a lot of times. She even woke me up from my sleep just to tell me that I was grinding my teeth with each other HARD. At first I didn't mind this, until I came across a youtube video which told you the signs of being possessed.

The signs mostly consisted of:

1) Outburst and anger

2) Laughing during sleep (which I did too according to what I remember, because I sometimes was aware when I laughed in a dream, & my mom also told me I had laughed in my dream).

3) Grinding of teeth during sleep.

4) Being away from Religion and having weak faith in Allah.

5) Same as (4), not supplicating to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى abundantly.

6) Sinning a lot.

etc. etc.

When I watched this particular video I had this phase where I started thinking, I am definitely possessed, or I have some sort of sickness that makes me grind my teeth and laugh and all. And maybe a mental sickness due to which I have sudden outbursts of anger, etc.

I am actually quite glad that I had this experience. I'm not trying to brag about it, but it made me do as less sins as possible (I am still trying to be a good Muslim). I left a lot of things that I used to do, and started praying and started asking for forgiveness.

Even before all this, I had a fear of Jinns. I would get scared imagining their existences, their (ugly) faces. I would feel like someone is watching me.

After I began to pray and got used to being (a lil') close to Allah I realized that it might just have been me imagining things, there could be some other biological reason I grind my teeth (for example it could be because of how my jaw-bones are structured. Unsure). And I now think it's normal to laugh in a dream. It's not big of a deal (or is it?).

Anyways, coming back to the story... I still am not able to get over the fear I feel when I think of the existence of a Jinn around me. It's not only just a fear! It's like I can feel it (sometimes). There are times when I can tell by feeling that he/it is not around me. And with the sense of feeling I can tell that it is. I'm sorry but I couldn't have phrased it any better. I can tell when or where (might) it be looking at me from. Sometimes the feeling is too sharp as if it (the presence) really is in the room.

There have been times when I was praying and I yawned. I stopped the recitation of surah for a moment, closed my eyes, and when I opened it I felt like I saw it, but I knew I didn't see it. It's like imagination. But it does exist is what I feel.

I get scared at times when I am praying alone. I pray at home mostly and do not go to mosque. And I like to pray alone (I don't like my fam to listen to my recitation of prayer especially of Fajr, Maghrib, Isha. I kind of feel embarrassed). That's not the point.

The point is: I FEAR THE JINN. How do I get over this fear?

There are times when I do wudu and I have this feeling that it's standing behind me, or as if it will just show up behind me as I will open my eyes after washing my face. Because of that I fear closing my eyes whenever I do wudu or do pray. 

Why does this fear not leave me alone even when praying?

I try to remind myself that I should fear God more than His سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى creation. But when I imagine the ugliness, I mean the face, the existence of a bad Jinn, I naturally freak out.

Any advice please?

I hope I didn't drag the post too long.

Just to mention another incident, I saw my mother in the form of Jinn (note: She wasn't possessed but instead the Jinn came in the form/flesh of my mother) in the dream a couple days (or about a week) ago. I know I shouldn't be telling a bad dream. But if it's to seek advice, I think it should be okay. I do know that there was some conjectures which lead me to think that it was a Jin but I don't remember them exactly as I didn't give the dream much importance until today. But you can say that I saw TWO MOMS in my dream. One was a Jin and other my real mother. And there was a clear difference (which I can't recall quite yet), anyways when I revealed THE JINN that she isn't my mother, it's personality definitely changed. And my conclusion that it really wasn't my mother but a Jinn became correct.

I successfully somehow wrestled it down (if I am not forgetting anything in the dream). 

And God! Now that I think about seeing a Jinn in the form of My mother (in real life) I am getting chills!! Who wouldn't?

Because I remember a scene from the dream where JINN (aka in my mum's flesh) stepped into the room, I can quite clearly remember the image when it opened the door and came in.

The image is terrifying now that I know it wasn't really my mother but a .... ughh!!

Help? Please?

(If I somewhat- forgot and misunderstood something, and wrote it wrongly, then the error is solely from me. Forgive me! :) )

Jazak Allahu Khayr.

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Brother if Jin didn't do anything to you up till now Inshallah they will not do anything to you in future. It is just your perception and imagination. Things you can do to get rid of this fear are as follows.

1. When you wake up recite Surah Falak and Surah Naas.

2. Recite Azan loudly in your house for  40 days, you can do this before praying namaz, and it is better if you can add aqamat too.

3. Jin don't harm to those who recite Quran regularly. 

4. Wear Aqeeq ring or any ring suits you.

I believe these things are enough to get rid of your fear, rest it is upon you how you make you iman strong. Still in case you interact with Jin :-D, you can do vird of Azan, Nad e Ali (A.S), Ya Ali madad or Ya Maula Ghazi Abbas (A.S).


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13 hours ago, Zavon said:

When I watched this particular video I had this phase where I started thinking, I am definitely possessed,

Scammers create fake jinn videos to make money. Beware of anyone who wants money to get rid of your jinn. You are not possessed. If you think you have a real physical problem, make an appointment to see a medical doctor. If you don't have a physical problem, then the doctor can refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist, depending on your diagnosis. :locked:

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