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News of death of brother Toyib

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سبحان الله

By the banner of the Righteous,

I shall read Juz' 14,

From the last year in the Mother of Settlements,

To the Pillars of Monotheism,


الله أكبر

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6 hours ago, starlight said:

@Irfani313 I put your name against no. 9 instead of 7. Hope its okay with you?  


Also a request to everybody, if you could give a small sadqa (charity, it could be 50 cent) on behalf of the deceased. According to the Hadith, nothing helps more than the sadqa on the first night in the grave.

inshAllah he be interceded. 

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On 9/15/2017 at 3:49 PM, Cake said:

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`un. I regret to inform you of the passing of brother Toyib.

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. Alhamdulillah Rabbi Alamin. Ar- Rahman Ar-Rahim. Maliki yawd mid deen. Iyaka nabuddu wa iyaka nasta'een. Ihdinas siratal mustaqeem. Siratal ladheena anamta alaihim. Ghayril maghdoobi alaihim, wala dalleeen. 

May Allah rest his soul, may he be successful in the Hereafter.

Edited by Hameedeh
Shortened the long quote.

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 The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) says,'Surely the heart rusts like iron.' People inquired, 'How can it be polished?' He (s.a.w.s.) said, 'By remembering death and with the recitation of Quran.' (Nahjul Fasahah) 

Jazakallah for all the brothers and sisters who contributed towards reciting the Quran for brother Toyib,may his soul rest in peace. However, we still have 5 ajza left. I know all of you have busy lives but I would humbly request you that if possible please take out some time to help us finish the Quran. 

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سبحان الله

The people of a mountain,

One of their men has fallen,

Their words from their voices:

"Woe upon us!

One of our men has died!

How terrifying is the look of rotten souls!"

The people brought his poor body in the earth,

One of the men,

Who was noble in Worship,

Has said by the name of His Lord:

"Woe upon you who are terrified!

To your Lord you shall return!

Cursed be the wrongdoers,

Do not fear death,

For you shall fear the One."

The people in disbelief,

They looked at themselves,

When the last breath approaches,

They only fear Allah.

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2 hours ago, Naz_ said:

Innalilahi Wa inna elahi rajeeon.

What were his previous usernames?

RIP. We called him Abu Fatima Mohammadi because his username was in Arabic: أبو فاطمة المحمدي

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The burial is in Qum on the morning of the 19th there. Please supplicate, give in charity for him, and benefit from what he wrote - especially on the first night of his burial.

Muhammad b. Isma`il from al-Fadl b. Shadhan from Safwan b. Yahya from Mu`awiyah b. `Ammar. He said: I said to Abi `Abdillah (al-Sadiq) (a): What reaches the deceased after his death?

So he said:
1) A Sunnah that he established, that is acted on after his death. So, there would be the reward for him like that of the one who acted on it without decreasing their reward at all.
2) On-going charity, continuing after him.
3) A good-natured child, supplicating for his parents after their deaths. And he makes pilgrimage, gives in charity, and emancipates for them both.

So I said: Am I to associate them in my pilgrimage?
He said: Yes.

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