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Jinn? in me?

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i think here is a jinn on me, but could this jinn be accustomed to the quran? let me tell you why, there are times where i react to things and i dont know why, i feel like throwing up when satanism is mentioned, and i react to when i read christian prayers, i dont know whether these are signs from God, becuase i feel like something inside of me reacts, ummm and i dont cause these reactions. I also feel like when i listen to the quran i dont get that reaction , i mean is it doing anything? what should i do, what does this mean.

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No, there is no jinn in you. It's a whole separate being. Having a jinn in you makes as much sense as having a turtle or a moose in you. If you're having mental health issues, I recommend a psychiatrist or psychologist. 

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19 hours ago, sidnaq said:

i think here is a jinn on me

Sister, this feeling of having a Jinn in you or around you is Shaytan bothering you. Recite these words when you feel anxious: A'uzubillahi Minash shaytanir Rajeem which means 'I seek refuge from Satan, the cursed one.' 

Have faith in Allah SWT, because He is your protector:


"...Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector." [Holy Qur'an 3:173]

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