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Pentagon's unofficial 2 billion dollar arms prog.

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http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/the-pentagon-s-2-2-billion-soviet-arms-pipeline-flooding-syria-09-12-2017. Under this program it becomes impossible to know who is receiving these arms, and officially there is a coverup because these arms are not stated to be delivered officially to Syria. What this means is even after ISIS is defeated there is a very real risk of these militants in Syria having these arms and destabilising the country. We don't know the type of people that have been armed, its likely that they've been other wahhabi minded groups who just view ISIS as too extreme, but are extreme in their own right, like Ahrar al Sham or Jaysh al Islam. 

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Thanks Bro,

Now you see why in the 'far' past the American Military Dictum use-to-be "political decisions are not made by the Army". This change really got started in the 1960s and the first public blow-up was with Yeoman Radford stealing White House documents for Admiral Moorer. (The yeoman was transferred to Oregon after Brown -working for Nixon- found out what was going on.)

Then there is US policy such as when the Clinton Administration smuggled arms into the Balkans conflict through Oslo. When the EU found out, the confrontation in Brussels was described as follows: after the building was cleared even of security guards, people and the reporters could hear the EU "screaming" at the US from up on the 7th Floor's closed windows.

Either way, the "US" is making a long-term mistake.

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10 hours ago, hasanhh said:

Either way, the "US" is making a long-term mistake

For the politicians though, they don't really seem to care, they get lobbied big by the defence contractors, for them its a win-win, the American people though will suffer the consequences of it. Lots of fighters from Syria are making their way back to Europe and this will have bad consequences for the people in Europe, the politicians probably supported them going to Syria to topple Assad. 

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You may like-to-read this:  http://tass.com/defense/965703 

entitled: "More than 1,000 gunmen switch sides to join the Syrian Army"  

Also, the current "Conflict Zone", DeutscheWelle 13Sept17 at dw.com has an election debate. At the first, is questions are on the DPRK and lSlS .   Christine Anderson of the AfD asked why it is taking so long to defeat lS.

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