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On ‎9‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 2:24 AM, starlight said:


There is a NHK news report entitled "A Future of Facial Recognition" which shows how this is being expanded in China.

A little scary.

The link is not playing the video. Time 4:46


l saw it on NHK, twice.

Here is a similar video: 


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If you guys knew something about computer science you would know that the new A11 chip is going to take the smartphone world by storm 

and some of you might argue, "its only six core" and "more cores means more speed and power" well your actually wrong, the A11 chips is much faster at doing the tasks associated with smartphones app better than the current snapdragon android chips 

here is some articles and benchmarks to prove it 

and remember its not always about "more cores = more power" its also about how those threads and cores operate 

here you cna read all about it 

personally i am looking forward to the iphone X, i have always favoured the andoird phone over the iphone but hardware specs are hard to deny and ignore of the new a11 chip as well as the new gpu chip that the iphone x will carry 



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although that being said, it doesnt mean that the next android Samsung isnt going to bring something on par, as the technology is available and will probably be implemented into a new Samsung android , but as things stand the A11 bionic chip is better than the android snapdragon chips (for now)

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The benchmarks for the A11 chip are actually equivalent to the Air Macbook laptop , so you have a smartphone that is running at an average laptop speed minus the power that is provided to a laptop(obviously cause it runs on battery and has limited available power) , but nevertheless apps dont run with as much power as that required as desktop applications 

(i sound like a Apple salesmen but i am not) just mentioning the hardware specifics which are important in this comparison 

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