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    • Would we really have evolved if we can't even fix what we destroyed?
    • Salam, I'm of the opinion that we should fix this earth. We won't need to leave this place for thousands of years if we do.
    • That is a good comment. Thanks for the points. First of all one user said that since eastern men think western women are freer, they are sinful. I did NOT mean that kind of freedom. It doesn't matter whether you are western or eastern. If you're Muslim, you won't do that. I mainly focused on freedom in working, money, and freedom in social interactions. These freedom I think does not attach man and woman to each other like before. For example, in SOME parts of eastern countries, man and woman are so dependent on each other. When you look at it, you see that they have some sort of limitations on their social interactions and give higher priority to family. You see that they spend MORE time than most western families with their family. I think one of the things that helped into these form of families is that wife is householder. She kept her husband around herself, and man became attracted and dependent on her. In western culture I think men at work are in contact with women. They are not Muslim and this is some sort of deterioration for his family base. Because he sees other women without Hijab, and if he doesn't follow religion correctly, he goes back home at night and compares his wife with his female colleagues (I know it's disgusting). These social interactions does not attach man and woman to each other in a proper way, and I think it is an introduction to freedom. I think it gives you this freedom to spend more time than before with your colleagues rather than your wife. Let me tell you from my experience of Iran. I personally cannot imagine that spending time with my friend is more enjoyable than my wife. I do know that other Iranian people have similar orientation if they are religious and did not have boy/girl friend in the past. I personally support women who work in companies with Hijab. It's some sort of advertisement and creates a good picture of Islam. About your idea on desi people, I think it's true to some of them. I also have this feeling towards them but not all. I asked my friend who is Indian: "do you like to support your wife financially if she wants to be house wife?" He said NO. That was surprising to me. He said she needs to work and earn money. I don't like supporting her financially. This is a non-muslim american culture. I saw some programs on TV that man was COMPLAINING that my wife doesn't work and I have to take care of all bills myself. Judge gave right to the man because in this culture with these rules, his words sound reasonable. That is not acceptable to religion because even if woman works, man should give her Nafaghah. When I said cultural differences, I mainly meant this 50-50 culture that man and woman are both responsible and working.
    • That's a Catholic thing. Protestant churches have an empty cross. Nobody worships it as a God. It is a symbol, a reminder. The Israelites were into idols, they made many graven images, including a golden calf, they worshiped as a god. 
    • The Wahhabi phenomenon only occurred 120 years ago, prior to the creation of the wahhabis, Shia's were still persecuted by the mainstream Sunnis.