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Religion teaches Love!

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Hey brothers in Humanity. We are one because our Creator is One! We may differ in our theologies but our goal is same is to Reach God and Eternal Salvation.

We all believe in Soul and its purity. We all believe in Prophets of God. We have many Overlaps. We should let our differences be just there and join hands as well as our hearts to be different bodies but one soul and Love Being a Human.

As far as we are compassionate towards each other we are fine and we can practice what we believe. Judgement belongs to God.

God does not teaches to hate unless you are an oppressor.

We should all stand against Global Arrogance and Oppression under one flag, The Flag of God.

Love. Peace.

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May your Soul rests in Peace O Mother!
You were the spring of Love in this Reckless World.
You were the Hope of Poor in their Darkest Nights.
You were the true definition of Love. The one who Loved Unconditionally. 
I failed to meet you because I never knew you were so pure. I was just a 2 year old kid when you left all of us.
But your Love still embraces me and what came from your heart entered my heart.
I love you O Mother.
5th Sept 2017 marks your 20th Death Anniversary.
But you are always alive in my heart 2764.png<3

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