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Hurricanes 2017

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^^^^Follow-up: The Washington Examiner is reporting 28Sept that a Brig.Gen. from Northern Command is being sent to Puerto Rico.

2] post Hurricane Harvey

A few data points and a woman dies from a strain of "flesh-eating bacteria". Blasphemy Alert for one woman's comment.


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40 minutes ago, Hameedeh said:

Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland. Strong winds are starting to reach Northern Ireland, Scotland and the north of England and Wales. 

May all the people be safe and damage to property minimized. 

I don't know if it's related, but hurricane and tropical storm events in UK and Europe was predicted as one of the results of global warming a long time ago, before anyone outside of the scientific community every heard of global warming. 

It's not unprecedented, but it's rare. 

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^^^^^ @notme Did you see the pictures of UK's sunset on Monday the 16th. Saharan dust was a big component of it.

l'II see if l can find a pic.

Note  l searched "UK sunset pictures 16Oct" and got several. a couple are good.

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