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Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Praying

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This is a theory developed by me and not an actual fact. 

Equlilbrium Thermodynamics is a transformation between matter and energy up until the point of a state of balance. Our soul is a source of energy maintained within matter is our body. Our body is like a catalyst for the energy from our soul and energy from the Kaaba to interact. The Salat is an initiation used by the catalyst to stabilize a connection that is essentially a flow of energy. But mainly this focus is about the relationship between the body and the energy. The Kaaba is enconpassed by energy, an emission of photons. Al-Hajar al-Aswad is a source of energy, it contains a energy itself as its originated from energy. Our body emits biophotons, it emits light. When we pray Salat, our body goes through a temporal transformation with the energy, thus purifying us. The braianwave activity increases, making us more aware of our actions, helping us to abstain from sins and unlawful thoughts, impure thoughts. The more and more we pray, the more we are establishing a thermodynamic equilibrium with thr Kaaba which makes us more closer to Allah and do more good deeds. The are certain factors that have to be met in order to actually create a thermodynamic equilibrium, meaning for our prayers to be accepted. Doing Wudhu, having the intention of Salat, etc.

In conclusion we create Science when we pray Salat. The thermodynamic equilibrium is simply a balanced flow of energy between the Kaaba and us the matter to purify us and cleanse us of sins. If you have any elaborations feel free to comment. 

[NOTE: This theory is not completed and is still being developed.]

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