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Udemy courses are on SALE!

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Udemy is an Open learning platform offering tonnes of exciting courses.

They usually go on sale. But this time they have an exciting offer. "The Curiosity Sale".

They're selling "Every" course at $7 dollars or INR 450.

Sale ends after 31st august.

Those who want to utilize this opportunity must go and get some useful courses.

Courses that you buy will be a lifetime property with you.

You'll also get certificates and other perks noted in the course description. Every course has some videos open for preview. Go and have a Look.

I am going to buy 3 best-selling Android Programming courses :D

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I absolutely love Udemy. Some of the best online courses you can lay your hands on. 

I've already bought a couple in the past and perhaps will take up some website and tech. related stuff now that the sale is ongoing. 

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