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Jehovah Witnesses knock at your door...

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JWs are losing people because they are dead serious in their religion rules, which do not include the Christian holidays. I hung out with them during my high school years. My friends who were JW are out of it now and do Christmas etc., because it's too hard for their kids to go without when all their friends get stuff. They remember their own upbringing, so do I. 

If they continue to come to your door it could be because they consider you to be an agreeable and safe place to go. If you have the time for social activity, they aren't bad people, just some strange ideas. They are condemned by mainstream Christianity because they are not trinitarians, although, if you get tired of them, you can use that against them. If saying you're not interested doesn't work, "I can't join your group because you believe in two gods." gets their attention.

In the New World translation, one of the main issues is in John 1:1. they insert an "a" <---italics, in the text;

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. 

The phrase, "That means you have two gods" always causes facial sagging, sometimes gaping. As with Christians, they've skimmed over it many times, never properly understanding it so they have no response prepared, nor have they come back with an explanation, like they said they would..  


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