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Gifts of God

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Islam is the Gift of God, gifted to humans to eliminate their odds, 

One of the noblest of gifts is Mehdi, who raises his hands in veil, while world is full of frauds, 

Says to God, O! my good God, bestow upon this troubled soils, one of my Sepoy in this time of perils hard, 

God grants his wishes and says, O! my Mehdi, I will grant every section of your ummah a sepoy to solve those knots, 

I will give to nation of Muslims a JInnah and an Iqbal, former of whom is man of nerves and latter is foreteller of coming odds,

I will give Iran Khomeini and Shariati, former of whom is reciter of teachings of religion and latter is the one who teaches application to solve those problems hard

Says Mehdi while tears flows out of thanks for the God, I am thankful to you, O! My dear Lord, I am thankful to you, O! My dear Lord!!!!!


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