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Creativity goes to the new things

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creativity is going into new things, such as creating inciting memes,or vape products with design.when rap was frsh or gaining more ground in the early 1990si can understand people looking to it, and splurged their creativity to it, but now that its mainstream maybe there isnt that good rap out there. same with designing icons or unique things for computer products like the macintosh( though that is only a theory)i feel we know what a computer knows and looks like, but if someone asked me how to make a computer look cool, maybe becuase i was under less of an influence of what computers already were, i could using other experiences think of good ideas or programs for the compute,r even new ways to design it, i dont know. what do you think?

on thats basis, for those who have kids in the house, could you ask them to make what they think is a really cool computer or laptop, tell them make it look cool, or pretty, lets see what shapes and designs and features they come up with and post the pics here

Edited by Hameedeh
After Mod discussion, the OP was notified by PM and she removed the tags of members she wanted to reply to this topic.

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The OP is interested in design. If you look at her display pic it is a colorful grouping of ancient apple computers. She tagged a group of members to reply to her topic, however, after two Admins had a PM with her, she agreed to edit out the member tags because some of the people she tagged are not married and do not have children. She said by kids she meant nieces and nephews or cousins as well. So essentially she is asking for drawings or sketches by young people that can be uploaded in this topic. Not actually building a computer. 

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