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the best gui out there is the globe

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for a graphical user interface, i always look out for new ways to improve than the exisiting gui thats been around like what 1995, and i believe it should take hte example of a globe.Example, imagine it, God has created a circular globe with visible features ,of land, each that is divided and outlined differently than your usual rectangles and circles.Each area is culturally grouped like google docs,where similar contacts are featured together.the earth also looks visually appealing and breathtaking,and when you look at it the first time you can pinpoint the continents and areas.You can see which is land and which is water, and the green and blue go together perfectly ,there is beautiful texture, as acoording to steve jobs deisgn is important( but who cares this time it is Allah's creation).What do you think.i got inspired when i saw this globe...

Best-Trends-and-Innovation-Conference-2017b (1).jpg

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