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Guys what is your gym secret?

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There are number of factors you need to consider: calorie intake, protein, carbs and fats. if you trying to gain muscles, you need to eat more. I dont know your height and weight so I can't suggest you a number. However, consider the macro diet. You eat a certain amount of carbs, fat, and protein.


This is something you can try. You can play with it. I do 25% fats, 35% carbs, and 45% protein. 

With exercise, dont spend too much time on cardio. Use that as a warm up, like 15-20mins on the treadmill running and the rest of the time lift weights. I been doing this for 3/4 years. It works. I'm not bulk or big. Don't believe in misconception that if girls lift weights they will get big. Remember girls are build differently. We don't have a large amount of intosterone. The only way girls can get big (and guys too) they take a suppliment, such as creatine.

 If you need any help please message me

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One day all of you will be at 0% fat and muscles.


2000calories per day

100grams of protein per day

vitamins, bcaa vegan, cod liver oil,

training cycle every few months

weight cycle

do it for 9 months,

3 months cut

if done correctly add more carbs n protein etc repeat,

do this for 10 years consistently , then you will have a real physique, that all.the angels will drool over.

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