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First Tyrant & Second Tyrant

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Ibne Mahyar has narrated from Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) regarding the verse:

وَيَوْمَ يَعَضُّ الظَّالِمُ عَلَى يَدَيْهِ يَقُولُ يَا لَيْتَنِي اتَّخَذْتُ مَعَ الرَّسُولِ سَبِيلًا. يَا وَيْلَتِي لَيْتَنِي لَمْ أَتَّخِذْ فُلَانًا خَلِيلًا.

And the day when the unjust one shall bite his hands saying: O! Would that I had taken a way with the Apostle. O woe is me! Would that I had not taken such a one for a friend! (Surah Furqan 25:27-28)

That the first tyrant will say this to the second tyrant.

In another tradition from Imam Sadiq (a.s.): By Allah at no other place in the Quran has Allah used the allusion of ‘fulan’ (such a one). Rather it is in this way: O woe is me! Would that I had not taken (the second caliph) for a friend! And very soon when that Quran becomes apparent the people would recite it this same way.

Kulaini has narrated from Imam Baqir (a.s.) that Imam Ali (a.s.) recited a Sermon and said that the two greatest tyrants removed the dress of caliphate from my body and donned it themselves and debated with me in the matter in which they had no right at all. And due to ignorance and misguidance they committed that evil deed. Thus they chose for themselves a very bad place and arranged punishment for themselves. They will curse each other and will express disdain for each other. The second one will say to his companion and confidant, the first one, when they meet each other:

يَا لَيْتَ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَكَ بُعْدَ الْمَشْرِقَيْنِ فَبِئْسَ الْقَرِينُ.

O would that between me and you there were the distance of the East and the West; so evil is the associate! (Surah Zukhruf 43:38)

Hearing this that tyrant would reply in a terrible condition:

يَا وَيْلَتِي لَيْتَنِي لَمْ أَتَّخِذْ فُلَانًا خَلِيلًا. لَقَدْ أَضَلَّنِي عَنْ الذِّكْرِ بَعْدَ إِذْ جَاءَنِي وَكَانَ الشَّيْطَانُ لِلْإِنسَانِ خَذُولًا.


O woe is me! Would that I had not taken such a one for a friend! Certainly he led me astray from the reminder after it had come to me; and the Shaitan fails to aid man. 25:28-29

After that the Imam said: I am that ‘reminder of Allah’, from which they were ‘led astray’. And I am that path and way of Allah, from which they turned away. And I am that faith, which they denied and I am that Quran from which they distanced themselves and I am that religion which they falsified and I am that right path from which they turned away.


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