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Ex-Muslims & Feminism - Mad in the Dunya Podcast

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As salaamu alaikum everyone,

In this second episode of the Mad in the Dunya Podcast we start off with a bit of somali and bengali politics and then delve in to the topic of Ex-Muslims and Feminism. And also a light hearted rant about an issue one of the brothers has with other brothers in the masjid.

#MITDpodcast Episode 02 - #ExMuslim 's & #Feminism


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mad-in-the-dunya-podcast/id1262922364?mt=2


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Salam. ShiaChat is a Shia site, so I hope your new podcast does not have an anti-Shia vibe. I haven't listened to episode one, and only listened to the first 23 minutes of your episode two. At the 13 minute mark, you mentioned Sheikh Tawhidi, so FYI he does not represent Shia Islam, but his own cultish beliefs. 

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