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Lion of Shia

Is it true you cant convert to shia

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8 hours ago, Lion of Shia said:

as salaam alakim!

I come from salafi, I heard that you cannot be shia unless you take the wali or are born in to it, is this true?

Bro, anyone can become shia. It's just in inheritance and property issues where a Muslim requires guardianship if he or she is not mature in the legal terms and that is below 18. Valid in all sects of Islam.  And one has the power to revoke what his vali decided after attaining maturity. 

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35 minutes ago, kirtc said:

dont be mean bro. he is serious

It's still funny,I mean Shia is in Islam,and Islam is a universal religion. 

I think you @Lion of Shia mean about the Druze.

Those are outlaws of Islam and they teach something completely different.

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