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علمانية او دين؟

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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

الحمد لله رب العلمين

شو رأيكن ب موضوع العلمانية انا بفتكر ما فيك بتحب علمانيه و دين ب نفس القلب لأنو الله صبحنا هو و تعال ما جعالنا مع تنان قلبين


علمانيه عيش بدون دين، بدون خير و حياة العلمانية هي حياة من نتاج الهندسة الاجتماعية هيدا لايام و في خطر مضر

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I was about to correct some of your spelling but then I realised I probably can't write what you have..

Unless our imam reappears in our lifetime, it's unlikely we'll have any of today's secular countries' populations turning majority Shi'i any time soon. In these societies where Allah is ignored, we find a constant shifting of goalposts regarding moral boundaries which influence law, and it's quite depressing to see how western societies have changed over the past decade or so when it comes to certain issues. However, there is much to be grateful for, especially regarding the UK, social care, free universal healthcare, education, the police who, although they don't abide by Islamic law, do so much good to keep us safe. We can only try our best to improve ourselves and be a shining light for the rest to look up to. We don't have enough people in politics, whom we need to give us a voice and try to influence policies on a range of issues, I don't know of a single shi'i MP.

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...يا خيي عم احكي عن حالنا، قلبنا، عيشنا، الخ

و كل الغرب غليون من سيأتون، تزوير، و إنشائه باطل. 

بتحس سلامه هونك؟ هن يعملوا كل الإرهابيين، و يفسد كل الولد و بدو يكسرو كل الاهل، عندون جدول عمال واضح

و اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد 

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