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What do you do to make a living?

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Assalam o Alaykum everyone.

What all you do(will do) to make a living?

I'm too confused to decide what I should do. I'm doing my undergraduate in Computer Science but somehow I'm not getting hooked up with this subject.

I can prepare for National MBA programme in my country (India) and can appear for a Test right after my Graduation but until then I need to do something online for a living.

Can you people suggest me something Halal and peaceful in which I can invest my time and earn something until my Test arrives.

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sites like upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour are more advantageous for individuals near your region, especially in monetary value. Although I find these sites to bring in a high percentage of exploiters who rely on cheap labour to increase their own profit margins.

Read this and similar. Always do your research.


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The real truth is,

no one will tell you their true secret when it comes to out of the box thinking regarding making money. Remember its a competition fighting for the large bread crumbs.

what we can tell you is, what we do as a career,  We all have ideas, but without the business knowledge of making that idea make money. I am sure you can invest some time into economics or financial theory to understand it, especially your CS background should make it a worth while meal.

The old rules applies. Find out your true passion or what you naturally excel at, then use that as a foundation to make that bread.

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