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Satan’sTool in the New Millenniumby Mark Houck

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Satan’s Primary Tool in the New Millennium

Posted on March 9, 2016 by Mark Houck

satanic phone

I am convinced that the primary tool of the Prince of Darkness in this day and age is the cell phone.  It is the number one portal for porn and it is attacking the family, destroying marriages and damaging countless innocent children.  I challenged the men at the recent E6 Catholic Men’s Conference in St. Leon, IN to put away their phones. Have the courage to put it down and spend time with those you love men.  The devil is coming after the family and he starts with the father.  If a man is not going to put on the “armor of God” then he is leaving his family victim and the devil knows it.


Now, lets be clear.  A cell phone is not intrinsically evil.  It is a tool and can be wielded for good or bad.  I have a cell phone and I use it to do great good with my work at The King’s Men, but I can also choose to use it to tear somebody down with a nasty text or email or choose tragically to look at it while I am driving.  How many men who are reading this now text and drive?  I know it is many and I know I am guilty of it from time to time.  It has to stop brothers!  Put the phones down.  Think of others before yourself because a choice to text and drive is a selfish choice.  You have no concern for those you are transporting and those on the road.  There are families and people who are trying to drive safely while you recklessly drive and work or engage in casual and meaningless messaging.  Its time to wake up men and stop using our phone in negative ways!

Pornography is a pandemic problem and continues to grow today because of cell phones. Filters are great and I encourage all to purchase a filter for your electronic devices (see Covenant Eyes or Net Nanny), but realize that these aids are only as effective as your desire to use them.  Kids crack filters and accountability software all the time and I know plenty of men who disable their own filtering devices when they desire to be selfish.  So lets be honest and ask ourselves some hard questions.

Do you need to be on your phone as much as you are?  When work is over, do you put the phone away?  Can you avoid picking up the phone for an entire evening while tending to your family?  Does your pre-teen really need a cell phone?  Does your teenager need to have unlimited access with his or her phone to the internet?  Giving your kids access to phones at such a young age is like giving them permission to play Russian Roulette. When are they going to be victimized and spiritually murdered by the content they soon will discover either through their own impure curiosity or a trap that a deviant sexual predator sets for them?  It is a matter of only time.  So why would you put this device in your child’s hands?  Why tempt the devil to come after your kids?

I fear the answer that many men would give my questions.  “It’s not going to happen to me or my kids Mark!”  You are kidding yourself and you are a fool.  Brother, it starts with you. If you cannot put the phone down, don’t expect your kids to be able to do so.

Take this survey.  The next time you go out to a restaurant, watch as a modern family enters the place.  I would be surprised if you didn’t see a family sit down in the waiting area and whip out their cell phones and not say a single word to each other.  I have seen it many times.  What is the world coming to?  We have a family that loves us and we have the ability to lead them as fathers to behave in certain ways.  Children learn fast. If its okay with dad, its okay for them  Fathers, it all begins and ends with you.

Are you up for the challenge?  With just under three weeks left in Lent, can you surrender your cell phone usage?  Can you exercise some self-mastery and turn it off?  Can you take a deep look at yourself and see how you have invited the evil one into your family by your careless regard for the safety and well-being of your family?  Make a decision to change this dangerous and deadly practice of giving cell phones free reign of our family’s lives.  I know you will be blessed and I know your family will thrive again.  And make no mistake about it, the devil will not be happy!

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